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If there were other focus versions (and let's face it, pretty much any other focus would be btter than Illusion, especially for the end game) and any stat for casters that use the focus were on the gloves, it would at least be viable. However, since Squeak only posted several gloves of pretty much the same thing, I think it's safe to say that there will be no other types of focus on gloves. You just have to look at other gear posted by Squeak (for example, the cloaks in this thread) to see that the same item with a different non-random effect were posted in the various threads.
Kinda ironic that an item that would have been nice in various different styles is one of the only items that does not have random mutations on it.

Illusion/Necro/Evocation/Conjuration + Int/Cha would have felt a bit more like the dragon helms which were more liked than the randomness on the items seen so far for the expansion