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    Default How to make the game loading faster - DDOPreload official

    Hi guys.
    (sorry for all mistakes and typos in the article. English is not my natural language)

    From time to time i can see articles about troubles during loading the game for the first time. After character selection, loading phase can take up to 5 minutes. During loading, the game client doesn't respond to the server messages so kicking out from the game server is the most result of this situation.

    You can probably see that:

    (keep eye on time at left bottom corner)
    (can you see red icon on top of the image?)

    After hours of the investigation, me and my friend have developed a small tool that can speed up this loading phase and definitively solve problem with red icon in the first enter to the game. DDOPreloader. This program reads all DDO's necessary files into Windows cache which is apparently much faster than any classical HDD. DDOClient can benefit from the windows cache and starts faster. Program can be downloaded here:

    new version (v2):
    old version (v1):

    There is a screen-shot:

    Following links shows how faster is entering to the game (after clean boot)

    (keep eye on clock)

    The program is distributed free with the source code under GPL licence. You need at least 2GB of the physical memory installed at your board. It will not work if there is less memory - don't use on 1GB memory board.
    Note that windows cache works as magic with its own will. Sometimes it can remove cached content before it is really need. You should also stop all (mostly unwanted) memory optimizers (actually they still not work) and applications that can manipulate with the windows cache. Stopping th Superfetch (sysmain) service may also help.

    Enjoy and please report all bugs to me.
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