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    Default Dear Devs - is there a chance...? :)

    Dear Devs
    I remember when before MOTU was released we got free leveling stones so everyone is at the good enough lvl to participiate in new expansion. Well - at least everyone who bought it.
    Is there a chance we will get at least 1 stone per account? People who bought expansion? Or like last time? Ofc usable even if was used once when motu was going to be released?
    Im currently lvl 5 and have low chances to get to 25 before expansion hits.
    Im leveling pretty slow most of time. Im not :do TR in a week: kind of player.
    Hint, hint .

    Im not going to fuss around if we dont get it - I understand it was a generous gift last time.
    But maybe, maybe you will think its a good idea again
    Thanks for reading.

    And if not maybe xp bonus weekend up to expansion? .
    Id really love to play it when it hits.
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