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    Default Thank you

    To whom it may concern:

    I am a recently returning veteran of the game. One of the frustrating aspects of cosmetic gear, when first released, was being forced to equip them in a vital slot in lieu of actually being a 'cosmetic' item. Even more frustrating was the fact that with cosmetic armor kits, you could only apply them to one specific set of gear, and there was no way to remove them in order to reuse them on something else, effectively forcing you to buy another cosmetic kit if you were to change your armor.

    I am very pleased to see that we now have the option to purchase cosmetic armor that take up a new slot you added to the UI, instead of making use 'wear' it instead of our combat gear. I am even more pleased to see that the cosmetic hats and masks have all been converted to this style, so I am free to cycle through various fun hats while playing the game.

    Thank you very much for listening to the player base on this one. Now if I could only convince you to release a succubus cosmetic pet...
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    Seconded... But please have the game remember that I don't like to default to wearing that ugly spider mask (hide it, please!)...
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