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    Default Looking for some items...

    I´ve been away from the game, and time is running short, so i don´t have a lot of stuff to offer, but here is what i am looking for:

    - EE ghost waking cloak
    - EH/EE Girdle of giants braw
    -+4 Wis or Dex Tome

    Again, i know how much these items are valued, but what i got to offer is just:

    -EE Giantcraft syberys compass
    -EE Manacles of ceaseless toil
    -EE Gloves of forgotten craft
    -EE +8 WIS Intricate field optics
    -Scales(except green)

    And other minor things:
    -Eberron scrolls

    Please send a PM here or to any of the characters of the signature, if you have anything that isnt on the list, let me know, i might have it(And didnt add to the list) or get it for you


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