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    Default New Launcher Issue

    Is anyone else having problems typing into the new launcher? This particular launcher inserts 2 letters per 1 letter that I type, 1 is a lower case and 1 is upper case. Ex: if my password was dragon, it gets entered as DdRrAaGgOoNn and thus gives the incorrect password message. It was the same thing on LamLand as well before they even changed the live launcher. I have been having to open notepad and type it in there and then copy and paste it into the password box....very frustrating.

    Anyone else have this issue?
    Pay no attention to my join date, my actual join date is September 2009.

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    Haven't had that issue, however, I have had other odd problems when I had a security program installed that came with my antivirus that prevented key logging, all kinds of letter substitutions would happen in anything that wasn't a word processor, email, or a browser. Any chance you installed something like this at the same time?

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    Hmm, I do have anti-blogging software running but I've had it running for about 2 years and never had an issue until this new launcher was released. I will disable it and see if that works. Good call.
    Pay no attention to my join date, my actual join date is September 2009.

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