First, read this with the understanding that I'm not rabidly calling for anything, just having some idle down time and was thinking about guilds and how they work in DDO, and it brought me to remembering a little web based browser game I played a while back.

There was a guild loot system. Players could give loot items to the officers, who then put a permanent flag on the item marking it 'guild loot'. It was stored in a guild chest, and anyone could use it. If they guild wanted to get rid of it the item was destroyed. However, when you logged off it auto went back into the chest and if you left the guild it autoreturned. I think it could be fun working together as a guild to build their armories.

It seems to me like it could be a potentially fun thing for guilds. It did NOT replace the need for personal loot, as I doubt they'd give us enough storage to outfit enire guilds other than maybe the really really small ones, but it is a great way have the twink gear for lowbies floating around that could reduce the stress on people's inventories. Keeping the flag in control by the officers can help larger guilds control the pool and keep it from ending up with 1000 +2 Longswords. And it build up a lot of camaraderie and let people use high end loot to complete quests until they were able to pull their own personal items.

I'm not sure how hard a system like that would be to code though, especially with the autoreturn features so that there wasn't any guild looting or hoarding by particular members.