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    Default 19 Rogue 1 Bard - Will fascinate work?

    I don't think i saw anywhere on the wiki that anything will limit a 1 bard from attaining max Fascinate DC. With just 2 skill points each level to perform. He will only have 2 songs (+1 from enhancements) but can regenerate with Anthem.

    Another alternative is to go 6 bard and Virtuoso 1 to further allow fascinating constructs/undead & enthrall.

    Anyone try similar bard splashes? Ive never tried a rogue but thinking the CC would help. 18 rogue/1 ranger/1 bard or maybe 14 rogue 6 bard for more healing.
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    I have a "light" bard spash (11ranger/8bard/1fighter ) - facsinate works well.

    With the coming update - I would lean towards 12/8.

    Good luck!

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    Saving Throw: Will negates, DC = Perform skill + 1d20

    Your ability will be limited by your Perform Skill only so if you can max it to 23 Ranks and have a perform item and any charisma modifiers you should be good.

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    Duration of fascinate depends on bard levels. 24 + 6 second per bard. So that's another factor to consider. Is 30 seconds enough for your plans?

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