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    Default Some needs, some offers


    - Turbine Point codes
    - Otto's Boxes / Exp. Stones (both heroic and epic)
    - Heart of Wood +1 (and higher +)

    Have for trade:

    - EE Backstabber's Gloves
    - EE Consuming Darkness
    - EE Ivy Wraps
    - Necklace of Mystic Eidolons
    - new Libram orb
    - Lantern Ring
    - Magestar
    - EE Shadowsight
    - EH Blue Dragon Helm +3 CHA
    - Royal Guard mask
    - 100+ Flawless Black/Blue/White Dragon Scales//restored relics//Fire/Shadow scales
    - EE White Dragon Helm +3 STR
    - EE Black Dragon Helm +3 STR
    - EE Quiver of Poison (ASAH)
    - EE Jorgundal's Collar
    - EE Forgotten Light
    - EE Treads of Falling Shadow
    - any Diamonds of STAT +8 (ML 28) and Insight.STAT +2 (ML 24)
    - EE Gloves of the Master Illusionist
    - EE Surefooted Boots


    Hit me by ingame mail/tell or PM here, tnx

    "Good day to you partner! I'm Gheed and I can already tell that I'll be your best friend in this forsaken camp. A spare weapon, some gold, a small gem is all I want in exchange for the equipment you'll need on whatever quests you might undertake. Now, now, now... Don't be shy, all of my items are guaranteed for life and come with a two-day warranty!"
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