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    Default Build questions

    I have a couple of questions on 2 character builds Iam planning.

    The first one would be about a 12 Monk, 7 Druid, 1 Rogue Multiclass in which I want to TR into, past lives would be 1 Monk and 1 Paladin.
    Is there a relation between Unarmed and Natural Weapon damage ? Or are those totally separate things ? Most importantly: Would I get the BAB for using KI weapons, could even use the unarmed only enhancement attacks in wolf form and get my dies increased or would I on the other end become uncentered and lose all benefits of being a monk ? Something in between ?

    The second one would be 12+X Wizard X Monk X Rogue X Druid with a focus on Enchantments and Necromancy, using vampire form. A Champion build. Most likely one being 2 Monk 1 Rogue 17 Wizard or 17 Wizard 1 Monk 2 Druid (even though I would like to go even lower on Wizard (13 Wizard 7 Druid for example) but dont know how to compensate for that spell resistance/dc wise).
    I understand that caster level is important and that I would have problems with damaging spells that depend on it and maybe spell resistance in addition to DC. The problem I have is that in certain dungeons on Elite there dosent seem to be a good way to use this type of build no matter of Wiz level, mobs resist to much and, more important, they do it all the time without exception (9 Wizard 1 Monk + 2 Enchantment +2 Necro Focus +3 Spell Penetration atm).
    There are certain spells to help with that, but less so against undead and it gets pretty expensive sp wise, usually just firewallballing everything would be much cheaper as well as faster and less demanding micro wise, also more boring in my opinion which is why Iam trying this build. It is mostly for soloing, but Iam trying to get it viable for groups as well, which dosent work to well, zergy as it usually is.
    Not planning on going for Epic Elite btw. so that is of no concern.

    Also: Can you be a vampire wolf ?

    Any advice on how to improve those builds via spells/equipment or slight class alterations that dont touch their core idea would be appreciated.

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    Unarmed and animal form damages are completely separate systems and do not affect each other. The +0.5[W] you get from monk will not in any way affect your animal form damage. If you're going to do a monk/druid mix, you will be *much* better off fighting unarmed rather than using animal form.

    The nice features of this build are going to change radically and probably not in a good way when the new stuff comes out. Reaving Roar (pretty much the most valuable aspect of taking 7 druid) is getting a colossal nerf (which it needs, it's op imo) and will also require a lot more investment to access. You will also not likely have enough skill points to invest fully in trap skills, so why even take the rogue on this build?

    Likewise for wizard--don't bother with the monk splash. The only reason to do a monk splash is if you're planning on being an undead melee, and with 3 levels in other classes you miss out on lich form so why bother. If you're going to splash something, splash 2 rogue. That'll get you evasion and trap skills.

    As for wizards not being able to land spells end-game: bosh. You just have to suit your spells to what you are doing. Enchantment spells work great in epic gianthold. Anything that gives SR doesn't work so well in Eveningstar. The whole point of being a wizard is that you're NOT a one-trick pony.

    And no, you can't be a vampire wolf. All the "form" abilities are mutually exclusive.

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    Thanks for the info on the Monk/Druid/Rogue mix. Iam not worried about the enhancement pass as I already have some interesting ideas for builds when it comes out, I will just TR again or start another character.
    Pretty much all my chars are elves and use the 2nd Dragonmark (Displacement) so I will actually benefit a lot from it since I dont need to use 2 feats for that anymore.
    One question on that build remains though: Would I remain centered and be able to use the (non unarmed exclusive) monk enhancement attacks in animal form ?

    The 1 Rogue level would be fine on the Wizard, it would give me +1D6 sneak damage as well as the ability to do traps, seeing as it is a splash on a Wizard base (and spot being a Monk skill as well) there isnt really an issue with skill points, its just that UMD and trap skills together wouldnt really work that well so its one or the other(s) - and being a Wizard in undead form I see no need for UMD.
    2 Monk (as opposed to 3 Rogue) gives me 2 feats, 10 to 11 more AC from wisdom/monk boni, more dodge and higher saves.

    I do know that Iam not a pony, how could I even hope for that if I cant even be something reasonable like a vampire wolf, it is dearly missed
    The thing is though, that pretty much everything that is not a damage spell gets resisted an awful lot (In Elite group content) and so it seems like it is almost always worse than just plain damage dealing, which is not what I made that character for. Basically I can charm/dominate/blind/stun/drain in pasta sauce, mobs when they arent a threat (same level or below) anyway and then it is almost always worse than plain killing, which costs about 14 sp and 4 seconds or something, less when there are masses of those types of enemys.
    Not like it isnt fun to watch a bunch of undead wizards blast blinded zombie hordes through their firewalls but that is only more effective than plain killing spells in content where I could get away with just using my (untensered) staff to beat them anyway.
    Basically I was hoping that I overlooked something crucial that makes those kinds of spells more viable.
    I already know: Heighten, Spell Penetration for some mobs, Focus, some spells that decrease saves, Int Bonus. If I add all of these together I can often charm higher level mobs, but it is almost never cost effective to do so.
    Just adding +2 Enchantment and +2 Necromancy items, later a +2 Int tome as well, likely that will help some.

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