Hi, I am currently planning on TR'ing my 12 rog mech / 8 Art battle engineer and, after spending just about all of my Dungeons and Dragons life as a ranged, stealthy, DPS based trap monkey, I want to rehabilitate myself into the non assassin-esque classes of DDO. That being said, my tendencies towards sneaking around and dealing massive damage to unaware enemies is not one I can quite give up cold turkey, and for that reason I am working on a Sorcerer build that would focus on stealth, single target damage, and possibly insta-kill spells, along with some degree of utility (self-healing and UMD for resurrecting teammates)

My current plan is to go War-forged Water Savant, picking up Empower, Maximize, and Quicken by level 6, exploiting the fact that the spell like ability of Niacs Cold ray (in addition to the other spell like abilities in Water Savant II and III) gains the bonuses of meta magic feats, but not the extra spell point costs *NEED A FACT CHECK HERE*. As for stealth, I plan on, of course, taking the Invisibility spell at level 4 (I don't plan on this build being much effective until level 6 anyway) and using repair spells for self healing (with the meta magic feats active at all times they will be costly in terms of spell points, but certainly effective in the middle of combat) Later feat choices would include (greater) spell focus: evocation and of course Heighten Spell (low DC's as it is am I right?) Early game will be fairly spell point starved, but I did a few practice runs with a lvl 4 human sorcerer I cooked up and I can manage until I get those spell like abilities from the PrE (Especially if I use teammates for trash mobs and my burst dps for killing bosses before the barbarian can get one swing on him)

With the base point bonus of a first time TR, my base stats will be

STR 8 + (best item available at given level) will get a +2 tome if I see one cheap on the AH/get one in a chest (after all str is used in any class, if only for carrying capacity)

DEX 8 +2 tome, irrelevant to this build

CON 20 +2 tome + (best item available at given level) High HP is one of the focuses of this build, hopefully incorporating False life items and DR items for tank-ability.

INT 8 +2 tome, irrelevant to this build

WIS 8 If will saves are an issue, I would rather get an item that boosts wisdom and will saves and deal with mediocre saves than put more than 2 build points into it.

CHA 16 (max) + (best item available at given level) possibly a +2 tome if I need the DC and SP

I plan on mostly dumping dex, int, and wis, due to the fact that I plan on using high powered spells to take out casters first (the benefit of using invisibility for the element of surprise) In groups, obviously it would be rude for me to run ahead with haste and invisibility combo, and when not soloing will take advantage of the double range of spells such as niacs to instead snipe high profile targets before they get the chance to land a single spell on anyone.

Lastly, and the most important thing I want to emphasize, is the ability to quickly take down bosses. Spells such as niacs should suffice in massive single target damage, and late game I get access to Icy Prison, allowing for extremely high single target damage AND Crowd Control.

Tying up loose ends, for my secondary spell choices I plan on using force spells, in particular the missile spells along with disintegrate, due to the fact that missile spells are fairly reliable, and disintegrate, while ineffective against those with death-block, is a spell I just can't pass up.

As you can see, this is far from a finished build. I have reservations about dumping quite a few of my stats, such as wis. Furthermore I am uncertain if I should put points in str simply for quarterstaff melee so that I don't waste precious spell points while taking care of trash. The question remains if and when I take the Power Attack feat, a hard decision due to the fact that Sorcerers are a feat starved class, while at the same time having great synergy with a 2hf war forged dealing with trash mobs without wasting spell points. In addition, I am hoping an experienced caster can give me advice as to whether or not FoD and PK will help with my assassin/sniper play style, or lack the DC (considering the relatively low cha in this build compared to say a Drow) to reliably hit and merely be a distraction from my main focus of high powered ice spells and reliable force spells.

I plan on TR'ing only after I am 100% sure that the build will work. It can be "Gimpy" (what else do you call my previous, multi-classed repeater dps build / trap monkey build) But I want it to be capable of doing what I want; self healing, stealth tactics, long range dps (ray spell range) and be capable of killing trash in 1 shot (obviously some give and take due to saves and bad luck on die rolls) and deal with bosses quickly (Niacs biting cold alternated with Niacs Cold Ray should work wonderfully in that end). VERY IMPORTANT I want to verify that the spell like abilities granted by the Savant lines (ie. Frost Lance) benefit from meta magic feats and do not cost extra spell points to use with meta magics active. Otherwise the build is useless unless I find a way to weave in more advanced stealth tactics for avoiding unnecessary battles and stronger melee capabilities for handling unavoidable trash fights.

On a final note before leaving you to critique/revise/make fun of my build outline, I must apologize, this is halfway between a build submission and a build request, and to make things worse, this is not only my first post on the Forums, but it is 1:13 where I live at the time of writing this up, and am incredibly tired.