Ok guys so i was thinking, most shiradi sorc go twilight + blue set.
While i think its awsome i have idea wich imo improve defense a lot and that what count in ee right?

So what you guys think of having

Wizard ward ee in one hand:
http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Wizard's_Ward (120 impulse version)
and this in second
http://ddowiki.com/page/Balizarde,_P...or_of_the_King (recon sloted)

-120 in one spell power
- evo dc (meh on shiradi)
- ench dc (meh meh meh)
4% dogde
1 free blue slot from +2 good luck
free braclets slots from sup parr
pernament 10% absorbtion of all elements
+6 all saves and ele resistance)

You get potency, arcane lore etc from blue set anyway

Well what you think guys?