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    Default Looking for Light monk 28pt

    So i got VIP other day and played a monk and i enjoy it alot as i am now level 8, but i cant help but think im building him wrong for a 28pt and was wondering if anyone had a 28pt human build they could share with me because i can LR to start over i believe.

    It should be able to heal efficiently and survive with self heals and enough damage, i like using wind stance and water stance too (never really used sun,earth).

    Also should it be str or wis built because i been putting some AP and Stat increases to both.

    any help would be nice thanks.

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    28 pt isn't fun for monks.
    You need high str, high con (all builds need high con >.<), 17 dex (GTWF), then high wisdom.
    Now, I max wisdom for Stunning Fist and other stuff. That's just me though.
    I don't see monks healing them self without "outside sources"... Namely, scrolls/pots. (For the Healing Ki/Fists of Light crowd, they ain't made no ki to heal the damage I take!) but that's a personal preference, and maybe light monk will be enough for you.

    For you, um. I guess I'd say 14 str, 15 dex, 14 con, 15 wisdom - first two levels into dex, rest into wisdom. It's not ideal, but I'm assuming you have no tomes.
    Feats, nothing special. Toughness (won't need after enhance pass), Stunning Fist (Get stunning!), TWF line, P.Attack, IC: Bludgeon, then whatever takes your fancy - dodge, mobility and spring attack (for dodge%) perhaps. *Note. Not in order. Order, toughness, stunning fist, TWF whenever possible, IC:Bludgeon ASAP. Rest won't matter that much.

    At epics, I like Vorpal strikes, then I typically go for imp. martial arts.
    If you can procure a dex tome, put more points into wisdom - I've found that to be my favourite stat on a monk.

    *Edit* Derped on the math. So, if you want vorpal strikes, you need at least a +1 dex tome - +2 preferably, because more wisdom is good.
    W/ a +1 tome and 1 level up into dex, rest into wisdom, you should be okay.
    Need 5 level ups into wisdom, not 4. And a +3 wisdom tome, which won't be an issue at level 24.
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