Seeing as you are adding new content to FR, why not add some new items and make a few small changes to the ES challenge pack? Currently, most of the items there are basically just randomly-generated loot, along with the 3 different varieties of cloaks that are generally useful but not overly powerful.

Also, I would like to suggest that ES items and ingredients should be changed to follow the same rules as Cannith challenge items and ingredients.

Example: Items are BtA unless they are upgraded, as are ingredients. However, instead of making the third tier items craftable, gives them an augment slot.

Example2: To get a lvl 20 Cloak of Flames you just have to get enough ingredients to buy the cloak. To get a lvl 20 Cloak of the Wolf, however, you have to buy the lvl 16 version of the item, get more ingredients (enough to buy a second lvl 16 cloak) and then use those to buy the lvl 20 version. The latter is tedious in the extreme.