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    pfft hell even with no brave bonus and a 20% over level penalty you should be able to rocket up to 15 f2p. lv 6 or 8 will be aquired in the harbor. Lv 12 will be reached just running tear/gwaylands as well as some marketplace ones. After that the lordsmarch quests and 12 quests (spinners) (free ones) should take you to 15 or 16.

    With a real repeat grind you could probably even nail 20. But people usually tend to buy the vale pack for the XP and GS clickies. You just can't beat GS clickies.
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    Still F2P and proud to beat the system. You can't hold the man down, Turbine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkstar1996 View Post
    Well now that Ddo is doing expansions like motu and I think there's another conning out do I need them to be at same standards with other players also for PvP. And another quistion is there 25 man raids or anything like that jw. Also have the made it so melee casters are viable now? Just some coming back and noob quistions. Also do purchases on 1 server go to all servers cause I'm on Khyber and late at like 10pm centrl there is nobody on.
    Raids are 12 player, also no new raid in the newest expansion pack

    PvP in ddo is a joke, no benefits to your character, and no real point

    Define melee caster, if you mean wizard or sorc caster I would say no, however one of the strongest builds right now is the juggernaut which is an artificer monk paladin multiclass that's probably one of if not the strongest build in the game atm. (ranger can be subed for paladin)

    Purchases are all servers.

    Neverwinter is a joke, to top their other problems (such as trusting the client with data) they lose game data. I wasn't hacked but they lost data my main that I geared there and an alt are gone and non-recoverable.

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