Well I'm finally coming back to DDO after being gone for, gosh, over two years now.

Anyway, my main (and only) character is a well geared and fairly optimized full lvl 20 assassination drow rogue. However, from what I have heard times have changed. New level cap, new feats ect...

Since my recollection of DDO is that it is notoriously unforgiving of mistakes made when leveling I'm hoping some current rogues can give me a few tips for coming back. Specifically, what feats should I be looking to pick up, skills worth dumping points into, weapons with specific properties I'll need for the new content, and any general information about character progression past lvl 20. Just keep in mind that I intend to stick it out as a pure rogue because I like the play style.

Also, I'm on the Sarlona server and I'm curious about how healthy that server is. Has it become a ghost town or is it still pretty lively?

Thanks in advance and hopefully I'll see some of you in the game!