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    Quote Originally Posted by Qaliya View Post
    I don't say "job" in this context in a bad way. I'm happy to play my role in the party to the best of my ability, and as I said, do other things as well when necessary.

    Depends on what one means by "assume that cleric is going to heal you". I don't assume that he/she is going to trail behind me and constantly toss spells at me. I DO assume that he/she will pay at least as much attention to the state of the party that I do and use his/her inherent class abilities to work towards success of the party.

    Last life I was in groups where clerics/FVSs spent all of their mana on mostly ineffectual blade barriers while I, as an artificer, ran around scroll healing and tossing potions at people. When people who can't do what you do nearly as well as you have to pick up the slack because you're too self-absorbed to see what the party needs, you're not welcome in my groups.

    As a WF arcane, I've been in parties where a cleric/FVS was healing me and specifically told them they didn't need to do so, to save their mana. (My standard line is "only heal me if I'm under 50% and on my butt".) It's all about being reasonable and working as a team.
    That's too bad that your parties required someone to scroll heal and toss potions at them all the time. Its also too bad that your Clerics / Fvs Blade Barriers were mostly ineffectual. They can be some of the most effective AoEs if done properly. If the Cleric / FvS didn't do any healing I would agree that they should do some. But if the party requires constant healing I would be looking at what's wrong with the party.
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