Was I alone in thinking that the end fights in each of the quests were a bit of a let down? I mean we have this great looking area, (What appeared to me to be) some improved mob AI, an interesting setting, decent plot for the quests, but the end fights were nothing more than straight beat downs! No thought required! Now I know that is the trend DDO has been in for a long time, but I remember when groups would pause before taking on the construct in STK (shield block the caster in the corner... lol) or what a challenge a guy like Prince Rayium was (and still is on harder difficulties) or the giant at the end of Stormcleave, even the Bloody Crypt.

Most of those quests had mechanics beyond just beating the boss down. Some where harder than others, but there was variety. Even the ones that were beat downs, Like Wizard King, that guy has some serious defenses at level and he hits pretty hard too!

But the end fights in these new quests were nothing interesting. For the most part it was kill endless amounts of trash, and beat the boss down. Really only Through the Mirror had an interesting concept, but the boss was a fairly weak human and the encounter is only slowed up by having to switch planes all the time. Didn't add to the difficulty any, just to the annoyance.

Especially for the capstone quests, there needed to be some nasty or at least interesting monster at the end. I'll give the demon web quests as an example, sure they are run to death these days (And fast), but each of those 3 quests has a different monster as an end boss. All 3 have different fights, which ultimately end in the boss beat down, but that is not all there is.

Since even VIPS like myself are paying for this content, Turbine could have done a better job of making these end fights better, instead of so generic.