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    Default Docpepper - EE solo's

    I don't think most of these are even achievement's but they were all fun at least. They were just really something to do when nothing was going on.

    - I haven't been soloing high level content for long so this is what I have so far.
    - I'll probably post more when I get around to doing some more.
    - Build used to solo these was a 12fighter/6ranger/2rouge

    -----------------------------The High Road-----------------------------


    End of The Road - I had a guildy come in for the end chest if anyone was wondering who the other guy was.

    A Stay at the Inn

    Rest Stop

    Lost In the Swamp


    Feast or Famine

    Cry For Help

    Trial By Fire

    Foundation of Discord

    Cabal For One

    Tor - I soloed the first part and cleared all the hallways up until the dragons. I than invited a guildy in for the chest for the dragons, we did attempt the blue room but failed - I ran outta arrows and by that time he had to go, so I ended up soloing the blue dragon room. There was 4 re-entries, 1 after the completion to switch to fury for the dragons, 2 re-entries so we could both twist in sheathe for the blue room and 1 more for me to come back in and solo the blue dragon. There were 2 deaths, both from when we died the first time in the blue room.

    Tor - Black Dragon

    Tor - White Dragon

    Tor - Blue Dragon

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