... well to 20 anyway.

When I came back to Thelanis I had this character sitting there that was the first character I ever rolled. As I had just wanted to start playing the game way back when (and not necessarily think about it) I'd happily taken that option of "oh would you like us to do that for you?" and had hard won my battles to level 4 (with no enhancement points spent) on this path build. So it was a mule for a long time. And then I dragged it out one day and just the sheer amusement value of the "Oh good grief that's awful!" reactions I got from people over the mere thought of the concept of a path build encouraged me to play with it. Then level it in an amused "Oh I have something at that level" way. And then out of sheer lets-horrify-people, let me cap the d4mn thing.

So this was a path build that was started in October of 2009 and capped in June of 2013. Forgot to screenshot the skills page but there was a ton of points in intim. Apparently the builds are based on common builds of the time. I was never allowed to guild this thing and so pugged it all the way - picking and choosing stuff I could actually contribute to. My thanks to any hapless pug groups out there that enabled this

leveling dialog + stats : http://flic.kr/p/faTavj

feats: http://flic.kr/p/faTa3U

Oh, and I would like to dedicate this thread to my guildie Pol for all the times he told me to delete this