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    Default Solo Shroud - 32 pt. melee

    Yay. Solo shroud. I know it's been done before, but I did it anyway, so nyah.

    Character: Kazual. 32 point build. Ranger/Rogue/Fighter 15/4/1. Epic 5. Fury of the Wild. Fairly well-geared.

    Took about two hours.

    The first part was very tedious, had to keep wandering around killing Portal Keepers. Really should have brought something to bypass the portal's fortification. Ah well.

    Part two was fairly easy. Got Earth Elemental, Troll, Devil and Kobold. Beat them all down, then ran away a bit, and they were all nice enough to line up far enough away from each other that I could IPS them all down. Manyshot on the crystal and continue.

    Part three, break crystals, run water. Drink Haste pots like a co-ed drinks Jello shots. Wish I had twisted extra boosts for some extra sprinting. Dodge wall. Win. Continue.

    Part four, fairly straightforward. Kill trash, melee harry, kill trash, manyshot gnolls, melee Harry, repeat. Four or five rounds, I think.

    Part five... PITA. Took elemental down fairly quickly, as he was staying in the middle trying to earthgrab me, so just ranged him down. The other three move at roughly the same speed, and, although the troll is a bit slower, the kobold doesn't move in a straight line and the devil stops to throw spears at you. Basically i beat the troll down to around -30k hp, then kited them around while firing my bow, hoping for a stars-aligned moment where the troll would stop to range me, I would get a Improved Deception proc, the others would follow me closely enough for an arrow to take down the troll. Took about 25 minutes. The devil went down at almost the same time somehow (wasn't really paying attention as i celebrated taking the troll down) so i was just left with the kobold. Easy peasy. The Harry fight was like a vacation after that, just a straight beatdown with no real danger to me, as I can keep myself up with Cocoon faster than he could damage me, even after the blades came out.

    Should have done hard. Ah well.

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    Very nice. Sounds like you had fun.

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