Dear lord. Worst encounter ever. You are supposed to escort Adara Semple to Shar Manor. !st off, Shar Manor does not show up on map so it's gonna be a real pain if you do not already know where your supposed to go. The 2nd and most painful thing is that escorting Adara is like taking a inquisitive dog for a walk. Adara will run every which way and agro everything it can. I burnt through 3000 SP and never made it more than half way. Every time you think you are making progress Adara will run back the opposite way. If you put a wall of fire down Adara will just run in circles drawing even more agro. I could never kill what I had and get her to move on without her pulling more and more mobs. 3 mobs becomes 4 and then 5. It's like Bebe's kids, they don't die they multiply. This encounter is just one long and painful exercise in frustration. After 20-30 minutes and no SP I just walked away. I hope those %^$& shadows killed her god knows I wanted to after a night spent trying to help her out. The only thing good I can say is they do give you a nice icon on the map so you can keep track of her as she continually runs the opposite way from where you are trying to lead her. Talking to her and asking her to follow you seems to have no effect on her directional traveling abilities.