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    Quote Originally Posted by curingwound View Post
    You're totally right we did name it in an arbitrary manner, we are referring to it as something considered destructive and unstoppable. Which is the actual meaning of Juggernaut. To be honest, I didn't really care to even post this. My guildies just asked me to since I'm the first capped.
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    I'm going to call it Mercodes, because, like Mercedeses, it will also have an engine (or engine-like product).

    Wonder what motorisation world tell.
    Quote Originally Posted by Originally Posted by Random Person #2 View Post
    People who exploit bugs in code are cheaters cheaters cheaters. And they are big fat ****yheads too.

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    nobody cares what the definition of juggernaut is.

    If you are going to preset a build, you need to do more than post a vague screen shot.

    based on your screenshot, this "Build" has been done many times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Severlin View Post
    We don't envision starting players with Starter Gear and zero knowledge playing on Hard or Elite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Impaqt View Post
    nobody cares what the definition of juggernaut is.

    If you are going to preset a build, you need to do more than post a vague screen shot.

    based on your screenshot, this "Build" has been done many times.
    I'm in guild with Curingwound and we've all done pretty similar builds. I think it's pretty standard for a shiradi sorc. I LRed out the 2 monk for an additional 2 sorc so I could grab Air Savant III, a few more sp, and a lvl 9 Spell. Here's what I'm rolling at the moment.

    18/2 Shiradi Sorcerer/Paladin


    Str: 10 Base + 4 Tome
    Dex: 12 Base + 4 Tome
    Con: 18 Base + 4 Tome
    Int: 12 Base + 4 Tome
    Wis: 6 Base + 4 Tome
    Cha: 16 Base + 4 Tome + 6 level ups

    Past Lives of note: 3x Sorc, Wiz, FvS each

    PL Sorc (Savant Requirement instead of evocation)
    PL Wiz (Mostly for free Max/Empower on MM SLA which is my staple spell. I find this to be quite a boon on Orange/Rednameds)
    Epic Toughness
    Mental Toughness
    Improved Mental Toughness
    Force of Personality

    Enhancements of note:
    Sorc Air Savant I-III
    Racial Toughness I-IV
    Storm, Force, Repair Manipulation I-VII
    Deadly Shocks, Charged Spellcasting I-V (mostly for Savant III reqs)
    Sorc Energy of the Dragonblooded I-III
    Sorc Cha I-II
    Paladin Toughness
    WF Con I-II
    WF Inscribed Armor I

    Spells of note:

    1: Pro From Evil, Nightshield, Jump, Magic Missile*
    2: Resist energy, Blur, Invis, Knock
    3: Haste, Rage, Chain Missile*, Displacement*
    4: Dimension Door, Force Missiles, Solid Fog
    5: Eladar's, Niac's, Break Enchantment
    6: GH, Reconstruct
    7: (None really) Protection From Elements Mass, Prismatic Spray, Greater Teleport
    8: Polar Ray, Symbol of Death?
    9: Energy Drain

    Current twists: Energy Drain, Endless Faith.

    Proposed gearlist (still in progress):

    Head EH Black Dragonscale helm: +3 Insightful Con ; Good Luck +2, Heavy Fort;
    Neck Lootgen: 8 con
    Goggles GS SP Conc Opp
    Trinket Planar Focus of Erudiction +3 Insightful Cha
    Docent Green Cormyrian Docent
    Cloak Ghost Waking cloak EH-EE
    Bracers SunSoul/Lootgen; Superior Parrying
    Belt Arkat's Cord EE; 14 PRR, Deathblock
    Ring1 Epic Ring of MA; 35 HP, 1 Con
    Ring 2 Epic Ring of Elemental Essence; 1 Dex
    Ring (3) Ring of Djinn (SR Tanking)
    Boots Tier 2 Halcyon Boots; 1 Cha, 2 Dex
    Gloves GS HP Conc Opp
    Weapon Twlight; 120 Magnetism

    Feedback very welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by curingwound View Post
    Everything I claim to do in this post, I do on a regular basis. The word Juggernaut doesn't need to make me a trapper with deadly and melee strength.

    Seems pretty clear that this is not a screenie of an EE run of FOT. And while I've seen many non standard builds perform well in harder content, this has been due to the player partially - but more to how much weight was being pulled for him by others in the party.

    Also, it would be a grievous error to refer to this build in the same category of the hybrid artificer build. If referrring to a casting build as a melee hybrid isn't enough for you. The jugg can pull it's weight fully geared in an EE shortman of FOT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eden2760 View Post

    Feedback very welcome.
    A lot can be said about sorcerers.
    Here are a few ideas that could interest you:

    Spells selection

    level 4 spells:
    firewall or ice storm. if u happen to be kiting, sometimes casting one of those AoE is all you need to gather agro. Those 2 spells can be useful in plenty other situations, like ToD shadow tanking etc.

    level 5 spells:
    protection from elements: a good sorc can spam protect on him often while doing any quest in which he is under heavy elemental damage, frees 1 level 7 spell slot.

    level 6 spells:
    disintegrate: it allows a sorc to do damage quickly on pillars in evon even solo a base if the sorc is evasion multiclassed. great on constructs, golems immune to force when u are not in shiradi (requires heighten to be fully effective).

    level 8 spells:
    ottos's irresistable dance: It allows you to dance the necro at the end of citw en/eh. it allows you to run ee quests and to dance 1 mob no save and continue your shiradi arcade arcane casting routine. I guess anyone can dance a EE wolf with no SR. the higher the spell pen you have the more effective this spell is.

    level 9 spells:
    power word kill: word says it all. will kill anything that has low SR. magic help button.

    Heighten: heighten is very useful from level 5 to 25. Makes electric loop an air savant top weapons in many places and while leveling especially for a tr that has sorc past lives to help his evo dc. Can switch 1 mental toughness for it. Keeps your spell-like abilities heighten at all times no additional sp cost.
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    Post hey thanks for breaking my streak

    hey curingwound.... i had an elite streak at 989.. thanks for breaking i even though reminded you 5 times about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerbloodwinning View Post
    hey curingwound.... i had an elite streak at 989.. thanks for breaking i even though reminded you 5 times about it. :):)
    Go cry to Boom. about it! >:D
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFloyd View Post
    Um, I'm almost afraid to ask, but exactly just what is 'sneak humping'? Kex! Stop It! O.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charononus View Post
    Is this just a shiradi build with evasion as well or am I missing something?
    Yep oh look a shiradi caster with evasion !

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