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    Quote Originally Posted by bsquishwizzy View Post
    The enhancement pass is adding things that make DDO closer to D&D. Frankly, between DDO and D&D, I prefer D&D more.
    You think putting Class advantages in only one tree is closer to D&D?!

    And for the OP: /signed

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    I think I have a hard time quantifying exactly what makes a good quest and what doesn't. I do know what quests I like and those I do not however.

    For me I think it has to boil down to generally having at least 3 of these 10 things, sadly having even just 2 or even 1 thing that is 180 degrees on these can kill a quest for me.

    1. An unique/different quest mechanic that isn't overly punitive
    2. A story line / twist that is concise but engaging
    3. Multiple options to complete the goal
    4. A map that, while easy to read, allows for multiple paths to destinations
    5. Varied battles that require some degree of tactic / coordination to complete smoothly
    6. No quest mechanic that absolutely requires a specific class/build to complete
    7. Optionals that add enough XP to make them worth seeking out
    8. Treasure that is useful at level / treasure that is useful for a couple of levels
    9. Something that is just plain fun / silly to do.
    10. End bosses that are not just cardboard cutouts placed to be tank n spanked.

    what might be surprising (even to me) is that there isn't really much of a "good XP" requirement from the quest itself. It can be horribad XP but if it's fun to run with decent loot and a little bit of challenge then I am pretty good with it.

    Some quests that are good examples of quests that I like are:
    • Mired in Kobolds
    • Kobolds' New Ringleader
    • Blown to Bits
    • Acute Delirium
    • Party Crashers
    • Impossible Demands
    • The Battle for Eveningstar
    • Kobold Assault

    Some older examples of quests that bored the hell out of me were
    • ANYTHING in the restless isles. Trying to get around there is so convoluted it puts me off even trying to figure it out. If I could get a refund on this pack I would. Having said that I think I have done the quests all at least once in some point and I think they were fine but honestly I can't remember well. I know that the explorer to just get there what kills it for me, this is a fairly rare case where 1 single negative can kill it all.
    • Coal Chamber. Here it's not even the map (which is fairly bad) it's the damned scenery. Running on a 1st life halfling it's not too bad. run the damned thing on a TR'd Half-Orc and it's purely frustrating.

    2 recent and excellent examples of quests that really didn't do it for me are:
    • Diciples of Shar
    • Escape Plan

    Sadly both these quests are intended to get me to want to pre-order the expansion, they did NONE of that for me. They were so linear, so boring, so very "Blah" that I am completely not interested in the expansion. I would hope that this would concern the designers and devs enough for them to spend some real effort in making new content.
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