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    Default Dear Turbine, stop messing with systems and give us quality content.

    So after receiving the email survey "Help make DDO a better game!" I thought of including this but I have my doubts about how many of the written comments are actually read when the simple data mining the multiple choices question results is more "Exec" friendly (they like numbers and percentages because it's quicker and simpler) conclusions.

    Please, for the love of the game, stop messing with systems that don't need it. After the Xpac, please concentrate on QUALITY content. Well thought out, developed and implemented ideas. Concentrate on debugging new content. Listen to the community. You literally have hundreds of good ideas here yet, you still go in completely the opposite direction. A few examples come to mind:

    Secret Doors, Spellcraft and Spell Power added to skills. Stealth. Etc, etc.

    It seems in part like your having some developers that are moving on and have the opportunity to do some things that they haven't been able to (or maybe they are pet peeves of a developer). This can lead to some shortcuts (INT for Spellcraft when only less than 50% of caster classes use INT as a primary stat skills. Should be INT AND CHA Skill) Fantastic, I realize what's done or in the works probably won't be discarded but you yourselves have admitted that the system/code behind the scenes is extremely fragile. Your not going to see Cardiothoracic Surgeons doing open heart surgery on a patient who is 90 yrs old. There's a reason for it. Your much more likely to kill them than help them. So it seem logical that one wouldn't really want to become the "Bull in a china shop". Which I think is an accurate representation of what we have seen since in the last few years.

    Developers tweaking things here and there is obviously required but the PRODUCERS need to keep in mind these system changes aren't going to boost and retain players numbers. (Some, yes, but not a majority) So what will:

    Allow developers the creative freedom to create and build simply great content.

    I believe it's that simple. And this is where I will stop. Any more "wordy" and people will stop reading.

    And the ubiquitous disclaimer: I only speak for myself and the people whom I play and converse with on a regular basis. Your opinion may vary. At least I hope it does.

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    Content is what you do best.

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    Wow, you know it's bad when the Chaos Knights think it's out of control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoglum View Post
    wow, you know it's bad when the chaos knights think it's out of control.

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    More content, yes.

    More new and revised systems, no.

    Your game is good. Really, it is. There was a time when players got excited about new systems because we didn't have game sweeping changes constantly. Back in the day, I focused on playing the game and enjoying questing. I still do that, but with every update my main concerns are, how does this break my character and what do I need to do to get my character fixed so I can go back to enjoying the content.

    Do you see the theme there? In both cases, I want to enjoy the content, but with massive sweeping systems changes, I have to worry about how it impacts my characters. When you release 10 new quests, I don't have to worry about how that effects me, except possibly in a metagame sense. I can sit back and enjoy the new quests, classes, races, etc.

    Add to this great game. Changing the rules stresses players out and can lead to player attrition. Yes, it may lead to a more polished game eventually once all the bugs are worked out, but when the bugs from last year's system changes are still here, where is the hope that those bugs as well as all the new ones from this year's systems changes will ever be addressed? Shouldn't you set up a system that allows you to fix more bugs than you create? If you need more time to fix all the bugs caused by new systems changes, perhaps that's a sign that you simply don't have the manpower to be pushing such systems through. Take your time. Do it right and keep your bug list low.
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    Although, I think new systems aren't all that bad.
    What really bothers me is system changes that aren't what we asked for. Like the EP. Originally, this was just a UI upgrade to make things easier to understand for newer players. It was NOT supposed to be a complete system overhaul, full of nerfs and changes..

    This is the type of thing that bothers me most of all. A UI revamp would have been wonderful and welcome by many, But that's not what we get.

    I think they'd do very well if they'd either do monthly bug patches(Not just fixing whatever new thing they broken.), or if every 3rd update was a massive bug fix. Something like this would at least give off the impression that turbine cares about these things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoglum View Post
    Wow, you know it's bad when the Chaos Knights think it's out of control.
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