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    Default WTT Bidgy's/Otto's Box looking for...

    I have Bigby's, Otto's and several EE items to trade, including:

    EE Ring of the Djinn
    EE Treads
    EE Jorg Collar
    EE Surefooted Boots
    EE Whisperchain
    EE Optics (8 INT and CHA)
    EE Manacles
    EE Quiver of Poison
    EE Mantle of the Dragonfriend
    EE Jeweled Cloak
    EE Bulward of the Storm's Fist

    I am looking for:

    EE Ancient Band
    EE Ivy Wraps
    EE Ring of Shadows
    EE Iron beads
    EE Ghost-Waking Cloak

    Seal of house Avithoul
    Drow Khopesh of the Weaponmaster
    Duergar Waraxe of the Weaponmaster

    Draconic Soul Gem

    In game Zaltherra or PM me if interested
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    updated list

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