Because I'm a crafter, I had spellpower 90 at lvl 14 with that cloak (tier 3 lvl 16 version + masterful craftmanship) But you're right about epic levels. Maybe someday they'll revisit the cannith challenge loot now that they added 5 (and soon 8) lvls since it was rolled out...

Tablecloth is certainly nice, but ML 25, and requires some significant grinding to get the upgrades that really make it shine.

And sorry, reading fail on my part re: the conc-opp! Was hurrying at that point. (Darn, I'm jealous--wish I'd made my HP item into a conc-opp, and just swap-in the extra sp item. That really is a great idea).

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Tablecloth is very good for casters. Short of that, both cloak of night and ghost-waking cloak are nice.

Any spell power capped at 90 (like the cloak of flames) is only useful for an off-school line. You're sacrificing 30 spell power right of the bat now, even more when the new xpack goes live and the level cap goes up to 28. ML28 spell power will be 138 if the current progression holds.

Agreed. My cleric has a GS belt, but only because I needed a slot that would work for all three setups: tr leveling, initial epic gearset, final epic gearset.

Yes you do; the concop is on the always-on HP item. The swap item just has spell points and a rez clickie.