Dear Turbine, this is something i have stated alreaddy, and yet i feel the need to repeat it.
Go slower on creating more and more powerfull items. Go broad, not high. Reasonable raises in item strength from time to time is nice, but right now it is just what did we have last time? oh +8, lets see how to get it better, i know +10. This influx makes it harder to balace and harder to find an individual setting. All you produce right now is basicly a cooky cutted gear base. No room for crazy combinations etc. Each update its a whole new grind for the item of the month. why not go slower, throw in some tweaks? make it possible for 2 characters to have a different setup of gear without one beeing gimped.

The thing that made this game great was the ability to individualise the characters, not the senseless grind or the fact that everyone is the same, just with a different ammount of PLs and Names attached to it.

Oh, and pls give your dev team free access aswell, so they can actually play the game and get a feeling for what the players experience. With a lot of the changes lately i have the feeling u pay them some other mmos instead.