Well we did it. We got the DE removed and even world broadcasts are in English (sorry to my German friends for the last bit).

Turbine have given us a 10% xp bonus to help entice others to play and stay here.

What can we do to help?

1. fill the AH with good loot at bargain prices that would still give you more than the vendor but way less than what is asked on other servers. Me i post it and just remove the 0 at the end as start price then just double that for buy out. most of my stuff is gone and I'm still making about the same if not slightly more plat. If it doesn't sell, vendor or destruct it anyway. No loss.

2. At all quest entrances post a public LFM (I'm so guilty of not doing this. just to used to soloing on Wayfinder i guess) and if you don't, start please. i know this wont appeal to all. But if you don't care please do it.

Other idea's and criticisms welcome.


Hunters of Wayfinder