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    Default The Journal of Hazelnut the Halfling

    This post is my attempt at a “story” of my toon’s development in the form of journal entries. The Introduction section is written out-of-character to explain a bit of my interpretation of the Halfling race. If you don’t care for all that, skip to Day One to start the story.

    For my very first toon in DDO, I chose a Halfling Ranger following the Deepwoods Sniper path. The DDO Manual has this to say about Halflings:

    In the world of Eberron, halflings are nomads who ride domesticated dinosaurs across the wide Talenta Plains. The heritage of the nomad also serves more urbanized halflings well, and halflings have established themselves across Eberron as merchants, politicians, barristers, healers, and criminals. The tribal nomads of the plains can sometimes be found in the cities, but often the halflings of the cities blend in with the rest of the population and display only the occasional reminder of their roots. Halflings are affiliated with the House Jorasco in Stormreach.

    Being tribal, I expect that Halflings would tend to be more along the lines of the “natural” types of classes. Barbarians are the elite warriors that protect the tribe, Druids are the tribal shaman and healers, Rangers are the scouts and hunters, and your typical stay-at-home (well in the tent or vardo) Halfling gets labeled as a rogue by outsides.

    Being nomadic on the Talenta plains and living in a medieval world, I expect a typical Halfling home would be a well-appointed and beautifully decorated vardo that gets pulled by their pet dinosaurs. Outbuildings and community areas built from tents that can quickly be collapsed and packed onto the backs of the dinosaurs, although no less decorative. This would give the typical Halfling village the look of a circus.

    The prejudice that Halflings are thieves is misplaced (at least for those of Talenta). The naturally limited storage space and family feeling of a nomadic tribe has resulted in a somewhat loose definition of ownership for smaller items (like tools) which are viewed more as being owned by the entire tribe instead of any one individual.
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