Okay first and foremost.... I LIKE DDO. I've been playing for years now and still like the game. My current gripe and moan is how difficult it is for me to get my real life buddies to play. They are willing and several have watched me play saying things like "DAMN that looks cool."

Here's the problem. They are not willing to deal with having to log into the game two or occasionally three times because for some reason you lose connection to the server the first time. They look at the forums and keep finding 404 links or information that is locked and 5 years old. One buddy pointed out that he would need a leveling sigil to get past level four. This is in a LOCKED post.

Yes I realize that everyone else has complained and my adding to the noise does nothing. However screaming at the top of your lungs while beating you head into a wall seems like a good idea occasionally.