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    Default Rant RANT RRRAAANNNNNTTTT!!!!!

    Okay first and foremost.... I LIKE DDO. I've been playing for years now and still like the game. My current gripe and moan is how difficult it is for me to get my real life buddies to play. They are willing and several have watched me play saying things like "DAMN that looks cool."

    Here's the problem. They are not willing to deal with having to log into the game two or occasionally three times because for some reason you lose connection to the server the first time. They look at the forums and keep finding 404 links or information that is locked and 5 years old. One buddy pointed out that he would need a leveling sigil to get past level four. This is in a LOCKED post.

    Yes I realize that everyone else has complained and my adding to the noise does nothing. However screaming at the top of your lungs while beating you head into a wall seems like a good idea occasionally.

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    What a very effective, mature thread title. I have a feeling that it's bound to attract a great deal of positive attention, and that it will encourage fellow forum-dwellers to view you with an abundance of respect.

    Personally, I've had no issues connecting to the game. I know some people have mentioned it ... but it just doesn't happen for me. I'm able to connect to the game effortlessly, with a single log-in. And my computer isn't exactly a gaming rig ... a 3 year old Dell Inspirion with the integrated video card, in fact ...

    And the forums are an easy fix ... change the /en/ in the URL to /forums/. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it unacceptable as a business practice? Yes. Is it worth crying about? No.

    And that is why the forum post have DATES on them. A game that doesn't change is stagnant. Your friends can ignore most of the past, and look toward the present. It's not that hard to check the date . . .

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    I have the same problem logging into the game.

    When I first started playing DDO in late 2009, I had a Gateway PC from like 2005. A dinosaur even then. But I could always log into DDO on the first try.

    Now I'm on a brand-new computer, made earlier this year, and it ALWAYS takes me at least 2 tries to get into the game.

    It's gotten so I load the game in Windowed Mode, with my Task Manager running, so I can kill the client when it stops responding. This is always just after the character selection screen.

    Thing is, after I do that, and the Launcher auto-loads, my second login attempt usually goes smoothly. Not always, but mostly.
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    The servers have new AI. They know about you. The disconnects and lag serves a purpose...
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    Look, no offense, but if your friends can't read thread dates correctly or figure out how to fix forum threads (this is more acceptable of a complaint, -leveling sigils- aren't), they are going to have a real hard time with the rest of the game, and you will end up carrying them everywhere

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