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    Default cleric iconic need improvement!

    blessing of amaunator- three bless per rest? are you serious? those newbie brace on korthos island give 3 use... spell resist- not much useful... mass deathward- useful.. but how manytime do you need to cast it................. do we really need to cast it more then once between rest? solution is: 1) make this buff unable to be dispell by beholder.. 2) charge regain every three minute.

    rejuvenation- two use per rest that remove all condition and heal 10000.. hmm this seem to be the faith ability all cleric get at level 6.. however this new iconic does not get that power at level 6.. instead we have to spend enhancement point to acquire it.. and it doesn't regain like normal ones... sound much much inferior to me..

    most core ability are tied to range.. so is some end trait.. while weapon of choice only have mace available?? add long bow to the list please...

    why is there only one deity to choose from? we must worship that one god?.. if so add a ability for level 6 like all other faith have....

    p.s. this iconic is overall weak and useless.. a cleric don't need int.. a wizard don't need cleric level.. a rogue don't need cleric level.. a artificer don't need a cleric level.. what do we do with the int? this iconic is poor design that it is not fit for multiclass and it is a terrible choice stand alone.. please consider revamp some of the ability.
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