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    Default Ok, I got a question for you DDO-alto-maniacs...

    So, in this static group I'm in we have a pure fighter. The guy is a relatively newer player, so he's not big on multi-classing, and so on. He rolled a pure fighter.

    So one day he logs in, and BAM: he's got a 70 SP bluebar. Just, specifically, how does that happen? I've got a pure fighter as an alt. I've never had that happen to him.

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    An equipped item is my guess, Power VII or something like that.
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    At MOTU or a little before, SP grants changed to give any character mana, regardless or whether they were a spellcaster. If you're a fighter and equip an item that grants SP, or have an Epic Destiny that grants SP, or etc, you will gain a blue bar. Fighters etc can also take the Magical Training feat and permanently gain the 80 sp and Echoes of Power just as per the autogrant to spellcasters.

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    got to love it when people always ranting on these forums post something like this and out themselves as clueless as a barmy wandering into sigil. I have barely touched this game in a year and I was giving this very bit of knowledge to some hard core guy in a pug today who was astounded at my pure rogue having the mana to use rejuvination caccoon. Guy apparently has every bit of raid gear in the game but didnt pick up on this change that happened a while ago.

    Sorry if it seemed like I was poking fun at you OP, not my intent so much as to highlight how even people on the forums can be rather far behind in what is rather common in game knowledge these days.

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