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the only thing im disapointed with this new enhancement is you get only 1 tier 5. In my monkcher i had slaying arrows and touch of death. Now im trying to find out which is more devastating to have slaying arrows or touch of death...
since we don't have 10k stars till level 26 (when we can get it), i'm actually trying the full melee side, using the ranger aa tree just to get conjure arrows and keeping ranged option only every 2 minuts with the furies.

new ninja spy is cool: shadow double grants 100% ds for 6 seconds. try it and then use touch of death on a stunned mob with the additional 30% that stacks with sense weakness. if mob save it gets 450x3=1350 damage. can be 2000+ if fail the save. after a stun base damage is now close to 200, critics 600+ in fotw. Some points in the shintao tree gives +10% off hand, some healing amplification/healing spellpower for cocoon and 15prr more in earth (for a total of 62 with planar set). Also, now we have 30% haste from kensei, +3 stun dc and 3 more action boosts.
Still single target dps but enough to polverize a stunned ee mob in 3 seconds.

on the ranged side I will have to try slaying arrows after i'll get 10k stars. well now the cooldown is 20 seconds and if you combine it with fury and manyshot the damage can be 250+100(base 1st number)x4 crit=1000 x4fury=4000 x4arrows=16k damage. YES 16k damage. what do you need it for? just for bosses. it's overkilling even for EE mobs unless you can ips all them together. and that's the reason why i'm staying on the melee side for now, new slaying arrows are too much situational.

on the other hand if you have devotion slotted on your antipode cocoon will hit you for 100-150 per tick, with dodge and incorporeal you rock in melee, literally molesting trash and keeping furyshot for the bad moments and bosses.