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    I started playing the build and am on level 10. With palemaster on, I'm hitting like a truck so far. HP is somewhat of a problem, although Zombie Form helps with that a bit. My DD/Search is miles below a dedicated trapper's but I seem to be doing at level trapping just fine, for now. I'm very interested to see what my damage will look like by level 20.

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    Just to let you know, there was a player on Cannith going the 12/6/2 Wizard/Fighter/Monk way, and he was a beast, capable of doing any role needed - combat (with ESoS if I remember correctly), self heals, very nice saves etc etc. If I remember correctly, I heard him complaining about being Feat-starved though (with 7 (base) + 3 (wizard) + 4 (fighter) + 2 (monk) + 2 (epic) = 18 feats).

    What you really need is:
    - Extend, Maximize for casting
    - Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Overwhelming Critical, Improved Critical:chosen weapon type for melee
    - Toughness for survivability

    That's just 8, get them as early as possible, play with the others.

    Good luck doing this :-)
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    Just throwing this out there...

    I rant this build for a few years before TRing him into a Melee Fvs... I'm actually going to TR him back into something along these lines again very soon.

    Would be easy to shift over to Two handed instead of two weapon.
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