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    Default Looking for fighter build suggestions for TR addict

    (I know there's a fighter group but it has no posts in the last two weeks.)

    I'm continuing with my slow road to completionist with my single character. The goal here is not to get there as quickly as possible but to learn what each class is like to play. My priorities are immersion in the class and having fun while doing it, with "fun" generally also implying being able to kill stuff quickly while not dying myself. Past lives will be Clr, Wiz, Barb, Sorc, Pal, Art, and fighter is next.

    Because I want to really see what each class is like, I usually go with a pure build. However, playing an artificer has gotten me addicted to being able to do traps. So I was considering "cheating" this time and maybe going with 2 rogue levels to start. Also hoping this will help me get a bit more UMD for increased survivability.

    I was thinking about going two-weapon this time around, but not sure that makes sense given that I have a lot of good two-handers (including a lit2) and not much in the way of one-handers.

    How feasible is it to get UMD high enough as a rogue/fighter to be self-sufficient? I do have the benefit of a +6 Cha skills GS item and a universal tome.

    Any build suggestions or thoughts appreciated. How long I stick with this beyond 20 before I TR again will depend on how much I enjoy it, but I usually get bored with epic after a few weeks at most.

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