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    Post Bladeforged Warforged... Master Race of DDO?

    Hello fellow DDO adventurers, I'm looking to make a return to the game after a year away. The opportunity to come back and once again experience the fun of playing the master race of DDO was simply too hard to resist. I've generally found Warforged to be a good looking race so I'm glad that Bladeforged aren't getting the -2 Charisma at creation. However, I am somewhat disappointed with the -2 Dex at creation as I prefer dual-wielding and qualifying for Twf feats could take up a huge part of the build points. The limited amount of reading I've done suggests that 18-20 Levels of Paladin Bladedforged seems vastly improved over the old basic 32 pt Warforged Pure Paladin, particularly in self sufficiency. Anyhow, I'm just curious as to what others plan on doing as I noticed very few Bladeforged forum threads.

    So in short the Bladeforged combinations I'm looking at are:
    (20) Paladin, a Tukaw-ish Melee (16)Sorc/(2) monk/(2) Paladin, an Artificer Juggernaut (16) Arti/(2) monk /(2) Paladin, or a (18)Favored Soul/ (2) Paladin.
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