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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathdefy View Post
    Ahh okay.

    I now see that on creation they are given a BtC Race Absolutely Restricted: Shadar-Kai Ring that gives "+2 Assassinate DC and Open Lock +13". I agree that alleviates Assassination DC concerns until 20, but it definitively (just checked multiple times) does not stack with epic Midnight's Greetings.
    You farmed an eMNG already on a Shadar? Can I run epics with you? You're my hero!

    On Shadar: I am massively underwhelmed by the Jaunt cool down being so draconian... I get that Air Sorc's and FvS's are the only classes that can "fly" (which in DDO translates into a 3 second cooldown) but I really need to be able to use the rush forward/step/jaunt ability more than every 15 seconds, to enjoy it as an ability, instead of just being an occasional utility (like the Cannith boots).

    Even the Quarterstaff "Vault" is more useful with its 15 second CD.

    Give the phase ability a 30 second CD and de-couple it from Jaunt and let us Jaunt with a 10-12 CD or if you really must 15 second cool down...

    Better yet let us have a enhancement 4th tier that costs 2 AP per, and makes it 8/7/6 cool down for those who love movement abilities (like me). the 6 AP cost is a lot to balance it out.

    Honestly Shadar went from something I was going to roll up immediately to something I probably never will roll up, in the space of a 30 second cool down if it had been 15 I could maybe live with it (though the Q-staff vault is aggravating to incorporate into your movement style even at 15) 8 seconds would be my ideal maximum allowing for Monk, FvS and Air savant to still be the best.
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