I've been playing DDO for 3 years now on and off with some long breaks during that period. When ever I've played I've been guided with a small bunch of friends that I play a number of MMOs with. Recently all of my guild mates have quit DDO to play other games leaving me with no one to do group and raid content with.

I’ve been doing a lot of puging recently but I’m looking for a more structured environment. I’m looking for a mature organized guild that runs EE group and raid content on a regular schedule. I presently have 2 characters that I’m playing mostly, a barb that is almost fully EE geared out and a character that I keep on TRing on his 10th life right now (it’s a bard life).

I live in the PST time zone that’s GMT-8 but my play times are all over the place tending more toward the late evenings.

If there are any guilds out there that think I would be a good fit please contact me in game on Tanaxis or Danaxis so we can chat about it.