so is this the reason why when im in coal chambers at top of second spiral stair case up at top hire gets stuck on stupid and wont heal or fight and the spell casters on normal are casting so much u cant move u just sit their and die now on normal for and epic on a lvl 15 quest should be a walk in the damn park and the spell effects shouldn't even graze my warforged pally with all epic gear with a dr of 24 and a phy rd of 93 and ac of + 4 now if this is what I pay for id like my money back cause I can buy sum dice for 10 bucks and a whole **** load of pens and what nots seems all that happening is everytings way over priced and then I see a video that corvon says wb don't care how much we complain a bout the bugs its not that presssive of an issue if you think we wanna buy a game that like psn and other game corps they just neglect it then get rid of it after so many years yet you want us too pay 100s of dollars for expantion packs when u cant even get the free and vip parts working right I sure hope u do fix this nw that the launch is done and u cant use that as ur excuse now