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    Default Corsair Vengeance M90 Gaming Mouse

    Anybody using one of these puppies? Looks pretty sweet to me, but it is so new I can't find any comprehensive reviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agarwaen View Post
    Anybody using one of these puppies? Looks pretty sweet to me, but it is so new I can't find any comprehensive reviews.
    I know its been a long time since this thread was started, but I just bought me one of those mouses. I'm looking for an interesting profile to use with it, or I'll program my own.
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    Default I have one...

    The addition of multiple thumb buttons is a big plus. The downside is on this model is I find it difficult to locate by feel exactly which button I want, and it takes more pressure to activate then the forefinger mouse button. Currently I only use 2 of the thumb buttons; but even with the limitations, it is an improvement over hotbar keyboard use. On my rogue, I have sneak and assassinate programmed. Very nice to maneuver close to a target, drop into sneak and kill em without having to move your hands. I will be adding more functions soon. If possible try to demo a mouse with extra controls first, but a game mouse is a worthwhile investment.
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    i went with the logitech G600 after discovering the razer naga mice are all based on a sensor that moves the mouse cursor a significant distance every time you pick it up to reposition it(and no it doesnt move it back again when you put the mouse back, it moves it even further away!). for a player who uses a very high sensitivity and never repositions the mouse the naga would be fine, that player however is not me and after a week of trying it turned out to be a show stopper.

    anyway, back to the G600, like the naga is has 12 site buttons, there is also a handy 3rd top button which is normally programmed to be a shift button or a sensitivity lowering button.

    for me i use it as a shift button in DDO, which gives me over 2 quickbars worth of buttons on the side. when i play FPS games i use it as a sniping button to hold the sensitivity down (most mice let you bind a button to toggle or raise/lower sensitivity, i prefer this hold the button to steady my aim then release to go back to normal approach). another of the extra buttons is great for cycling through mouse profiles, which can have 3 on board (DDO and FPS for me) and i think the driver can also switch profile for you based on game. personally i find 2 profiles is just fine so i've not played with that part of the driver

    i cant comment on the corsair as i didn't try it out. what i will say is my barbarians dps has increased significantly as i'm now able to spam cleaves whilst keeping my rages close to hand and my combat feats too. before i couldnt get all 3 jobs close enough to my fingers so the cleaves wernt part of my play style. the corsair will also give you more buttons at your fingertips.

    if you're going to try one out at a store, get them to plug it in. it's not just ergonomics you need to test, it's also if the damn thing jumps about too much when you go to reposition the mouse! A light RP guild that's moved from Keeper in Europe to Thelanis
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