This concerns my Bowbarian character, i got him to 20 before the epic levels and before the underdark expansion. Ever since then for some reason He is recieving vicious damage from his ranged attacks while frenzied. The vicious damage does not hit the mob as intended... but the recoil damage does hit him. A round of manyshot nearly kills him!

Also the damage confirmations over enemes heads while manyshotting is extremly slower than a typical round of manyshot.

I would really like to get this guy to the new capstone and play with the barbarian ED but i find him to be pretty much unplayable.
He CAN still melee pretty well and has enough hp to sustain himself, but i can't even utilize his main feature, manyshot without nearly dying.

Has anyone else encountered this?? i tried to submit it as a bug in game and through the forum but i don't think it has worked. I've recieved no feedback and everytime i log into the game i get some error telling me my report or whatever has not gone through or something...