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    Default DDO Mac Crash Question

    So, I finally convinced my buddy to play DDo after years of trying and he finally downloads it. Well, he seems to have some really bad crashing issues. He says that whenever he opens up a shop or even the enhancement trainer the game crashes after a long loading process to populate the menus. Not only does it apparently crash the game, but it also turns off his internet connection application by application (until only skype is left for about 30 secs) until he has to retstart his comp to get it back. Has ANYONE ever experienced anything like this? Seems strange...

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    I have been using the Mac client exclusively for months. The only crash I recall ever seeing is when you quit the game for the night. That one isn't a big deal.

    He might be pushing his hardware a bit -it does tend to get hot running DDO. Not as hot as Windows, but still pretty toasty.

    He could also try running Disk Utilities to verify the drive.

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