For your consideration.

Retain Essence

Usage: Passive
Prerequisite: Artificer 5
Whenever an Artificer uses a rod, staff, or wand, the character has a chance to not expend a charge. The percentage chance is equal to (Artificer Level)/2 + Int Modifier + Enhancement Modifier + Effect Modifier.

Artificer Arcane Empowerment: The patterns of the most complex magical formula are like children's drawings to you. You treat any non-scroll activated equipped item that casts spells (such as wands, rods, armor, or other activated items) as if they were staves, increasing their caster level to equal yours as well as increasing Save DC's to (10 + your Intelligence bonus + level of spell) if it would be an improvement. These increases are applied after Artificer Knowledge, so do not stack.

As these two abilities are currently worded one would think they would work with each other. Since any clicky is being treated as if it was a staff then retain essence should effect it.

Please either fix these abilities so they work as they are currently worded(which would be ideal and I think a very nice benefit to the capstone. Nor would it be game breaking.)

Or Fix the text description of the capstone.

Thank you