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    Default Why a Pure caster Artificer? Mobs will still save against rune arm attacks/ spells!

    Hi folks,

    After i played an artificer for almost a year and tried many builds and ideas about how to play an artificer, i find myself astonished about how much cons there are about the idea of a pure caster artificer. I also went on lamannia today not to be outdated on the subject.

    Compared to other caster a pure casting artificer maxed out on a +5 int tome, full enhancements, feats and destinies can barely hit a dice of 51 dc with completionist, 3 lives of sorcs and the active past life of wizard on a human. On Lamannia right now, you get +1 to dcs if you take the new capstone... it is still much too low. (CORRECTION: +3 dc if magister only with +6 int)

    Why is it so low...? For Epic Elites, DCs of rune-arms and spells of an artificer are rarely, about 25% passing through.

    Here are a couple reasons why the dcs are so low:

    *Just to explain my thoughs... difficulty checks are made for pure casters' mostly highest reachable dc when doing most Epic Elites.

    -Starting with a maximum level of 6 compared to other casters (-3 dc)
    -Rune arms don't take in consideration items that boost dcs (-2, possible -3)
    mixed out with that formula: (it's a joke)
    10 + (Charge Tier + 1) + (INT modifier) + (Max Charge Tier - 1) + (Evocation Feat Bonuses)

    -Maximum stat start at 18 (-1)

    Put that all into consideration:

    -Using ice, fire, lightning rune-arms or anything that use reflex are pointless in epic hard and epic elite (total min. -6 dc) (KILL THE VERSATILTY OF RUNEARM USE)
    *Most runearms dont get spellpower for the type you use nor have a red augment slot to compensate the lack of dc.

    -Using the few spells we got, well it works a bit better since some spells have multiple effects (mostly cc) but still... each of those spells are used at a very high sp cost. (SEMI KILL OF non buff SPELL USE UNLESS BEST GEAR and everything else MAXED OUT)

    I just think it doesn't give us enough choice if the dc are to stay that low when you can anyway cast a total of 20 spells before being depleted.

    I don't mean that a pure caster arti should to be compared to a sorc here... i mean that what the arti does... should work if at least good efforts are put into it.

    I find no wonder why people wants to splash into monk/pal , make melee juggernauts artificers with very high melee dmg and insane on many shot, Run into traps instead of disarming, self heal instead of mass heal (crappy implemented pot throwing), tank, have incredible saves with evasion because of 2 levels? :I

    At this point we are all likely to forget about the features of the class itself.

    Beside that, i think that the artificer is a fun class to play and has a potential for versatility... though even after 2 years... There is much to do to make it right!

    Good day yo you all!

    *Question of the day: Why isn't there a mass version of that deadly that does not takes 1/3rd of an arty's spellpoint pool when buffing in a raid?
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