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    Default Wizzies...what's best combo for archmage?

    I have fire and lightning right now, but I'm thinking of switching to acid and force.

    Thoughts? Analysis? Speculation? Conspiracy theories?




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    I just finished an Evoker/Conj Archmage life and had the Magic Missile, Chain Missile, and Web SLAs plus the Wiz PL feat and loved it. Specced Force, Fire, and Acid at one point or another but I was trying a lot of things out. Very mana-efficient.

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    archmage Illusion - spell focus illusion, greater spell focus illusion

    SLA low cost spells --Invisibility, Blur , Displacement ,Phantasimal Killer


    Archmagi Conjuration- spell focus conjuration

    SLA low cost spells --- Greece, web

    Archmagi Evocation - spell focus evocation possibly take greater spell focus (lvl 21) also to get chain misiles

    SLA low cost spells ---magic missiles

    Feat selection lvl 1-20 in order

    Spell Focus conjuration and illusion
    Mental toughness
    greater spell focus illusion
    spell focus evocation
    enlarge and maximise

    lvl 21 greater spell focus Evocation - may need to reset enhancements to buy in SLAs

    use metamagics to extend /heighten/enlarge/quicken/maximise/empower all of the above

    your web and PK dice checks will work up to Heroic elite / Epic hard

    web cost 3 spellpoints verses approx 25 for other casters
    PK cost 10 spellpoints vs 60 for other casters

    Quickened /heightened /Enlarged ( double casting range) Pk is so much fun

    Its a super fun build and very effective.Note approximately 10 mobs are immune to pk that can be fingered instead also note fully metad Pk costs 10 sp vs fully metad FOD 50 sp or more. i.e you can cast 5 PKs for the same spell costs that a Palemaster pays for 1 FOD and your heightend metad spell focus and archmagi all give bonus to dice check and spell pen of Pk similar to the bonuses that a PM gets to necro spells

    Fire specced casters in the same group can be a royal pain if they spam fire spells burn away webs. heightened/ enlarged/quickened/ webs for 3 sp is very effective CC you can spam web through an entire dungeon and not run out of sp. Healer and melee will love it.

    Go War Forged race
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