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    Question different game worlds, different servers?

    Recently having downloaded and installed the game, i played several days on Sarlona game world. Next time i wanted to log in on Sarlona, i couldn't move ingame, except rotating and looking around, which probably doesn't require data to be sent to the game server. Having thoroughly checked my internet security software settings (using Panda Internet Security), firewall, network settings, ... Still the same problem logging onto Sarlona. When trying another game world (Ghallana), i have no problems logging in. I wonder someone else got this same issue? Must be a problem with the DDO game servers instead of a soft/hardware problem on my pc, i guess. Is there a way i can check how busy the servers are?

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    This was more likely caused by the '1st time login bug' in which you get the red x of death at the top of your screen. Logging out and logging back in should take care of the issue on any server.

    Lots more info on it here:

    Don't let this little bug keep you from playing an amazing game. And welcome to DDO. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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