Hi all,

So I've returned to DDO after an approx 2 year break. I have an existing level 15 char (13 wiz, 2 rogue), but wanted to start again with a newb to absorb the changes and relearn the class. I've gone with the Pale Trapper (https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/394332) build this time.

What I am trying to wrap my head around again are three things:

1) F2P - I always was a VIP before, but this time (RL cash considerations) I am playing F2P. All of a sudden every adventure I like appears to be barred to me! Seriously. I have no idea where to go to actually grab a few levels Can anyone advise on this? Please note that the current TP on my account is a grand total of 12, and I have done the 100 favor grind many moons ago on all the servers (including the newer ones), so I can't readily (at least not at the moment) buy adventure packs. Having said that, please do feel free to recommend them - I won't be broke forever :P

2) Gear/Equipment - Spellpower? Wait, what? I have no idea of proportion here. I am going on the assumption that big numbers are good numbers, but as I am speccing in Acid and Frost, should I prioritise say Acid SP over general SP? I am only level 5 at the moment, so my choice of spells is limited, but for sure I will use the heck out of Firewall, specced or not - should I invest in general SP, or even in Fire to bring it up to par with Acid/Frost? I should note here that I have the full Abishai set (although not the Diabolist's Robe) equipped, so I mainly mean weapon/offhand - I'd also welcome any advice on armor, as I appear to have forgotten what is good and works. I do have some crafting levels on my old char, so if there's something I should give my nooblet, please shout

3) Spot - it's not included in this build, and I can't see any way to get the skill points to fit it in - I am not a vet player who knows every trap in the game. Should I reroll now to try to fit it? Or should I just learn as I go (by dying horribly and repeatedly :P)?

Thanks for any recommendations and advice