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    From what I can see, it looks like a lot of people are making the assumption that new players PUG, and that might be the crux of the problem.

    I’m not what one would consider a new player, but I like to PUG. Problem is that the PUG scene is not what it used to be. I mean, I get lucky now and again, but for the most part it is pretty hard to find a PUG you know will fill (or come close to it). And there seems to be more issues now with them than before.

    I’ve got a fairly static group now, but I have several alts. This means that – for various reasons – they will remain parked as I will only run one toon with them.

    Vale seems the easiest to find a group for, and a lot of that has to do with the XP it gives out. And you have a fair mix of newer players and experienced ones doing the runs. So, that seems to indicate – to me – that some people are correct that there is XP involved somewhere in this discussion. And if that’s part of the equation, nothing suggested here – aside from a Dev change to XP in other quests – nothing mentioned here will change that.

    PUGs can be fun, or they can be frustrating. I think that if the experienced players are avoiding PUGs to avoid newer players, I think that’s just a shame. There is more to this game then having 17 completionist alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheeseMilk View Post
    Raise the % chance of Rare encounters appearing based on how many people are in group, in both explorer areas and quests.

    I know this won't really matter to the zerging playstyle (might even hurt it a bit in some quests), but it will bring more flower-sniffers together.
    I like this idea - it does not disturb anyone who wants to solo it (being on a XP-bonus timer, they would probably not go for optionals anyway), but it does give you that tad better chance at getting a bit extra treasure and XP from the rares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsquishwizzy View Post
    That stuff is actually pretty good gear, and I'd keep it around for a new life (especially if I was doing the same life again).
    SOME OF...

    Is Good I'll agree.

    BUT A lot of it is UTTER TRASH!

    Taking my Tempest Spine Example - The Elemental Mithral Breastplate with the RIGHT Augments added is simply PHENOMENAL!
    The other Armours? Not so much!

    It seems that absolutely EVERY Min Lvl 8 Named Armour in the game has been given a Blue Slot - Sorrowdusk, Threnal, TS, Relic's FREE Nightforge Armours!
    Obviously we're going to find the BEST one and use that one - Which clearly makes ALL the others POINTLESS!

    IF the Devs had added BtCoE or Even Acquire to ONLY the very best* gear there wouldn't be an issue
    They went mad and added it to EVERYTHING incl. Random Items!

    *BTW I would say "Hardest to Get" BUT Nightforge Gear is VERY EASY to Acquire and completely F2P so Immediately undermines a number of the NAMED RARE ITEMS in Sorrowdusk, Threnal, Sands and TS {which are much much HARDER to Acquire!}.
    And has ALWAYS been BTC on Acquire!

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